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Fast and reliable highway assignments

Capable of generating highly converged highway assignments quickly even for very large models

One-of-a-kind junction representation

Unique algorithms allow complex junction interactions to be accurately modelled

Detailed diagnostic information

Outputs from assignments can be used to assess model suitability

High level of support

Get help to resolve your problem from seasoned modellers and experts in SATURN

A powerful and flexible highway assignment package to create both strategic and local traffic models

SATURN has been continuously developed over the last 30 years by the combination of academic theoretical rigour, through Dr Dirck Van Vliet and the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds and the practical knowledge of Atkins Limited.

Whatever your transport needs…

  • Strategic Highways Assignment
  • Strategy Development
  • Traffic Management Measures
  • Highway Design
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Economic Appraisal
  • Environment Assessment
  • Road User Charging

…SATURN can help.

Accurate modelling of flow metering and blocking back

SATURN accurately reflects the effects of congestion on urban road networks by explicitly modelling the impact of queues that form at a particular junctions on the capacity of those upstream ('blocking back') and the reducing flows able to travel downstream ('flow metering'). Other modelling software simply treats junctions in isolation, and therefore, without accurately reflecting the impact of queues on network performance.

Collaborate and share data between software platforms

SATURN can input and output data at the matrix, link and junction level in a multitude of different formats, allowing you to work cross-platform with other multimodal transportation software or economic appraisal tools. With SATURN, you are in control of the data.

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