Get up-to-speed or stay up-to-date on SATURN developments


Introduction to SATURN Course

This is a 3 day training course aimed at New and/or Inexperienced users wishing to understand more about SATURN and its practical application. Course Outline

Course Dates

Courses are based at our Atkins Woodcote Grove site in Epsom, Surrey:

  • Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 February 2017 - successfully held
  • September 2017 – dates to be confirmed
  • February 2018 – dates to be confirmed
Bespoke and Advanced Level Courses

We are able to offer bespoke training courses designed to meet the specific needs of our users. Training courses can be arranged on a date and at a location chosen by the client organisation.

User Group Meetings

SATURN User Group Meetings (UGM) happens during autumn of every year at Epsom and Leeds.

Contact us for any Training, UGM related enquiries and bookings.