A small community of invited users with early access to new developments

What is SATURNnext?

SATURNnext is a programme setup to provide early access to pre-release versions of SATURN software and related products to the registered users.

What's in it for Registered Users?

  • Early hands on experience before commercial release
  • Chance to influence development
  • Potential resolution to your in-house IT “problems” before release
  • Working more closely with our development team

What's expected from the Users?

  • Active participation with ability to install the software rapidly
  • Running basic tests and reporting back any bugs in a timely fashion
  • Attend our webinars and meetings regularly

Software Restictions

  • Issued software will be under development license with usage restrictions
  • Requirement to accept any End User License agreements
  • Usage at own risk with no obligations from SATURN
  • Features released may change or may not be part of the final release software

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