Quickly code SATURN junctions in a quality controlled, auditable way

Interactively code junctions using a powerful graphical user interface

SatCoder allows users to rapidly code detailed junctions and receiving visual feedback on the physical representation and operating characteristics.  The network is overlaid on Bing Maps so users are able to see how the junction looks in real-life and how interacts with other junctions.

Integrated testing of junction coding with detailed error reports

Previously, in order to test that a node coding was correct, a complete network file had to be built and compiled with SATNET before any errors could be found.  With SatCoder, nodes can be compiled in isolation.  Node coding issues can be immediately found and corrected before integrating into the final network file.

Template controlled coding to ensure consistent junction representation

High quality network coding is one of the key components of any traffic model.  However, junction coding can be time-consuming and expensive process with a significant risk that data input errors may occur in any manual coding process.  With the introduction of flow templates, pre-defined coding configurations may be quickly developed and applied throughout the network, enabling users to select the appropriate coding using easy-to-understand selection menus.  

Extra Info

SatCoder is designed to enable coding teams to work collaboratively in a fully auditable and quality controlled environment.  A number of roles are defined such as coder and reviewer, with specific rights and capabilities assigned to each role that can be controlled by the project administrator. 

Several users can work on the same project simultaneously and synchronise when they are ready to.  No changes to nodes are ever lost, they are just updated.  Scenario specific variations such as differences in morning peak traffic signal timings can be applied, or even two slightly different network structures can be brought in and coded alongside each other.

Product Highlights

  • Template controlled
  • Quality controlled
  • Interactive editing
  • Collaborative editing
  • Multiple scenarios

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